Find Pharmacy Prices & Locations – THC makes it easy

  1. Using the Pharmacy Tool below, Enter your zip code and search radius in miles

  2. Enter the prescription or generic drug name (drop down list will appear as your start to type)

  3. Enter the quantity prescribed (5 tablets, 14 for 2 week, 30 for monthly, etc) & Click Add to List

  4. A list of pharmacies in your search area will appear showing the cost & the pharmacy location.

  5. You will be offered the generic option if there is one available.  Click the button next to the generic name to see the price at the same location.

  6. You can also price the drug or generic with the mail order option. Click the Price at Mail Service icon on the lower left under the name of the drug.

    • The Walgreens Mail Service Price will appear, click the icon in the upper right to Download Mail Order Application, which includes instructions.

    • Prescription savings are often greater when you order a 90 day supply of maintenance medications.

  7. You can add more drugs to your list if you have more than one prescription to fill.  As you add drugs, their price will appear at the pharmacies listed.

  8. When you are done with your search, you can save or remove (delete) the information

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call THC’s Customer Service Team at (877) 571-8950

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