Save Time & Money on Healthcare with THC Express

  • $12.95/mo for you & everyone living with you
  • On-Demand Healthcare, Dental, Pharmacy & Vision

    One price for the member & everyone living at home
    • Telemedicine - OnDemand Healthcare, unlimited consults at no additional cost
    • Dental - Save 15-50% at over 86,000 dentist nationwide
    • Pharmacy - Save on brand & generic drugs at 56,000 pharmacies nationwide
    • Vision - Save 10-50% at over 12,000 vision care centers nationwide



    • Concierge Customer Service
    • Know Before You Go Pricing
  • Stay Healthy & Save with On-Demand Healthcare
  • Teledoc

    It's like having a doctor in the family!

    Imagine being able to talk to a U.S.Based, licensed doctor any time day or night. Imagine getting medical advice, treatment options and prescriptions, when appropriate, just by picking up the phone, sending an email or chatting by Video. Welcome to THC's Telemedicine!

    Get medical help at work, overnight or even weekends! There is never any cost for the consultation. It's unlimited 24/7 access to doctors for you and everyone at home. It’s fast & convenient, often saving you hundreds of dollars a year on unnecessary trip to the doctor's office or emergency room.

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    Save 20-50% with Know Before You Go Pricing

    Transparent Healthcare's Dental Network gives you 20-50% savings on everything you need from general dentistry and cleanings to root canals, crowns and orthodontia.  As a THC member you'll have access to more than 86,000 dental practice locations nationwide through one of the largest dental discount networks in America. Use our online tool below to find a dentists near you.

    Just call THC's Customer Service Team & we can tell you your cost before you get care,that's Know Before You Go pricing see a sample of your savings below.

    See Your Savings on Dental > Find Dentists Near You >
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    Save on Vision Care Too!

    Transparent Healthcare has negotiated savings of 10-50% on most prescription glasses, frames and contact lenses.  Discounts available through a nationwide network of over 12,000 independent and chain optical centers.  Use the link below to find vision care center near you.


    Find Vision Care >

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    THC Customer Service - We're Here to Help!

    THC Customer Service is what makes THC special. Our Team will help you find a doctor, dentist, or pharmacy.  We'll make your first appointment and provide you with Know Before You Go pricing too.

    At THC we're with you every step of the way, plus you'll save time and money on all your healthcare needs. So make THC part of your healthcare team today and get the care you need, at a price you can afford!

  • To enroll online, click here to complete the online, THC Express Employee Enrollment form.

    Remember to include everyone living with you, related or not. $12.95/month, One price for you and everyone living with you.  You just need their name, gender and date of birth, no social security numbers needed.

    THC Express is not health insurance, it's easy access to affordable healthcare.  

    If you need assistance at any point, please call THC Customer Service (877) 571 - 8950.  We're Here to Help! 

THC Express iSaved

  • I’ve developed this painful cough, and needed to see a doctor immediately. I knew seeing my doctor today was unlikely, but I still called the THC Customer Care Team first thing in the morning to get an appointment. The agent was able to get me an appointment for later that week, and advised me to call their 24-7 Telemedicine Network to speak with a real doctor over the phone, that same day. After setting up my online account, I was able to speak with a doctor, diagnose my symptoms, get a prescription & have my pharmacy around the corner deliver it to my house, in less than 3 hours without leaving home! The customer service was excellent! THC is how healthcare should work.
    - Michele H., i$aved time and money from the comforts of my home

  • All I can say is THANK YOU for providing such a |dq|user-friendly|dq| service for everyone! Recently my husband and I both came down with symptoms of a horrible upper respiratory infection. Thanks to the ease of using AmeriDoc, we were able to stay in the comfort of our bed by using our laptop to log into AmeriDoc. Within MINUTES a Physician called us back and was able to provide valuable advice and treatment for us. This is a wonderful service! A MUST HAVE for every family in this day and time, especially with the economy the way it is. Just the convenience alone is well worth our small monthly cost.
    - M. Campbell, i$aved time and money without leaving my bed

  • Last Monday morning I woke up feeling horrible, aches, sore throat, congestion, etc. My Family Doctor was booked all week due to the Christmas holidays and I got online and submitted a request for a consult at 8:20 AM. I received a call back at 8:41 AM that morning and my prescription for an antibiotic was ready at my pharmacy by 9:30 AM. Not only did I save time and money but also prevented myself from having to be exposed to the hundreds of germs at the Doctor’s office. I love what we have with AmeriDoc.
    - L. Pillsbury, i$aved time and money

  • i$aved $96 on just one prescription with extra help from THC Customer Service! I would have paid $117.12 to fill a prescription, but with THC it cost only $21.02. Saving $96 was good enough, but then the THC customer service person worked with the pharmacy to get an additional refund for $8 for the medicine I already purchased.
    - Clare K., i$aved 82% on Prescriptions

  • i$aved $100 on a dental visit on Long Island - I had an x-ray, cleaning and a check-up.
    - Karen T., i$aved $100

  • When I went to the dentist to ask about oral surgery, I was told that it would cost $6,000. The day before my appointment I signed up with Transparent Healthcare and at the same dentist it only cost me only $2,400. I$aved more over $3,600 for that one visit.
    - Susan M., i$aved 60% on Dental

  • I enrolled with your service 4.6.2012. I must commend your customer service representatives; in particular Karen. I called with some issues and she was more than helpful. She even went as far as to call me after the transaction was completed.
    - Eugene & Wanda M.

  • I just wanted to say I am totally satisfied with THC. Your Customer Service rep helped me through the process of making an appointment and everything she said about the doctor and payments was a delightful journey. Thank you!
    - Donna V.

  • Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for THC I would never be able to afford to get all the things that I need done.
    - Gloria M.

  • I called THC’s Customer Care Teamto get pricing at my pharmacy for a skin cream. The cream would have cost $60,but they helped me and a pharmacy that charged $36.05. Thanks again THC!This time you saved me $24 on scripts.
    - Michael L, i$aved 40% on Prescriptions

  • I have severe asthma, and need to take two medications costing $160, combined. Yet, as a THC member, I onlypaid $31. That’s $129back in my pocket!
    - Bernadette B., i$aved 80% on Prescriptions