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    Finally, Healthcare You Can Afford!

    With Transparent Healthcare Complete, you save 40-80% on Medical, Dental, and Vision care at providers near you. Plus, unlimited 24/7 telemedicine - call a doctor anytime & get medical care when you need it, at no additional cost.  

    For only $39/month, you & everyone living with you can save money every time you need care.  Everyone can join, no restrictions, no social security numbers needed.
     One time, non-refundable $20 application fee applies.

    THC Customer Service Team adds value to all our services.  They'll help you find providers, make appointments and know your cost, before you go!  With THC, we're with you every step of the way.  Click on the links above to Learn More & Join Today!
  • Teledoc

    It's like having a doctor in the family!

    Transparent Healthcare includes unlimited 24/7 telemedicine - call a doctor anytime & get medical care when you need it, at no additional cost.  It's fast & convenient, often saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

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  • Medical

    Save 40-80% with Know Before You Go Pricing

    You can budget for food or buying a car, why not medical care? If you are uninsured, there is no way to know what your healthcare costs might be & no way to know if you are paying too much. At THC we decided to change that, by providing affordable healthcare and Know Before You Go pricing.  We built our own medical network, including primary care, specialists, radiology and more, so THC can put the prices we negotiated on our website for members to see anytime. That's Know Before You Go Pricing!

    With THC, you can be confident you are not paying too much. We've negotiated substantial savings of generally 40-80% on physicians rates for our members. Finally, you and everyone at home, can afford to take care of your health!

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  • Dental

    Save 20-50% with Know Before You Go Pricing

    Transparent Healthcare's Dental Network gives you 20-50% savings on everything you need from general dentistry and cleanings to root canals, crowns and orthodontia.  As a THC member you'll have access to more than 86,000 dental practice locations nationwide through one of the largest dental discount networks in America. Use our online tool below to find a dentists near you.

    Just call THC's Customer Service Team & we can tell you your cost before you get care,that's Know Before You Go pricing see a sample of your savings below.

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  • Pharmacy

    Deep Discounts at Pharmacies Nationwide

    With Transparent Healthcare, you can see your savings on prescription drugs at over 50,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. Save up to 20% on Brand Name drugs and up to 75% on Generics. Use the links below to see a sample of prescriptions savings and find pharmacies near you.

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  • Vision

    Save on Vision Care Too!

    Transparent Healthcare has negotiated savings of 10-50% on most prescription glasses, frames and contact lenses.  Discounts available through a nationwide network of over 12,000 independent and chain optical centers.  Use the link below to find vision care center near you.

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  • Customer Care

    THC Customer Service - We're Here to Help!

    THC Customer Service is what makes THC special. Our Team will help you find a doctor, dentist, or pharmacy.  We'll make your first appointment and provide you with Know Before You Go pricing too.

    At THC we're with you every step of the way, plus you'll save time and money on all your healthcare needs. So make THC part of your healthcare team today and get the care you need, at a price you can afford!

  • To join today, complete the online, THC Complete Enrollment form click Join Now button below to open form.

    Remember to include everyone living with you, related or not.  $39/month price includes you and everyone living with you.  You just need their name, gender and date of birth, no social security numbers needed.

    You can select the $39/month option or pay annually and save more only $375/year !

    THC Complete is not health insurance, it's easy access to affordable healthcare.  

    If you need assistance at any point, please call THC Customer Service (877) 571 - 8950.  We're Here to Help! 

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i$aved with THC

  • I went to the dentist and used my THC card for the first time and i$aved $100 on my dental visit - I had an x-ray, cleaning and a check-up, THC is great!
    - Karen T. saved on Dental

  • i$aved $96 on just one prescription! I would have paid $117.12, but with THC it only cost me $21.02. Great savings and great Customer Service too - THC's reps are the best.
    - Clare K., saved 82% on Prescriptions

  • I needed cardiovascular testing and was given a price of $400 for the visit. I joined THC and the visit and testing cost was $248. So i$aved $152 on that one visit alone!
    - Mike L., saved 38% on Medical

  • When I went to the dentist to ask about oral surgery, I was told that it would cost $6,000. The day before my appointment I signed up with Transparent Healthcare and at the same dentist, it on cost me only $2,400 as a THC member. i$aved over $3,600 at that one visit.
    - Susan M., saved 60% on Dental

  • Recently i$aved $130 on a dermatology visit, plus more on prescriptions! - The |dq|usual & customary|dq| fee for an initial dermatological exam was $210; the THC fee was only $80.14. I also got a big discount off of the medication at the pharmacy through the THC network.
    - Jackie G., saved 61% on Medical

  • Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for THC I would never be able to afford to get all the things that I need done.
    - Gloria M.

  • I had not gone to the doctor for years since, as I was no longer on my parents insurance. But my mom heard about THC & and signed me up. I went to the OBGYN for a check up and pap test. I would have paid over $300 for these procedures, but because I am a THC member, I only paid $140, i$aved $160.
    - Lina L., saved 54% on medical costs

  • I needed to get some lab work done as a follow up to an Emergency Room visit. I took the doctor’s prescription to a THC Network Lab and got the test done. I would have paid $788, but because I am a THC member, I paid $176.37 for that same blood work, i$aved $611.63.
    - Veronica A., saved 88% on labs costs

  • Once again, I needed more blood work. I went back to the THC Network Lab on my Saturday off so I didn’t need to miss work. I would have paid $379 for this set of tests, but because I am a THC member, paid $90.60, and i$aved $288.40.
    - Veronica A., saved 76% on lab costs

  • I needed to get some lab work done, so I called THC who helped me get an appointment with Enzo labs. My tests would have cost $415.50, but because I am a THC member, I paid $122.34 and i$aved $293.16.
    - Patricia V, saved 70% on lab costs